About us

Shepherd Cox has developed a diversified group of assets worth £40m in sectors including healthcare, hotels, leisure, and residential. Working in partnership with over 150 investors and financial institutes from around the world including UK, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Sydney, Beijing and New York.

In the past 36 months, Shepherd Cox has successfully sold and completed 230 units totalling £16.5 million within the hotel room investment sector.

Meet The Team

Lee Bramzell

Co Founder and Director

Lee has spent 9 years immersed in the property investment market. His in-depth understanding of the market gives him the edge enabling him to see opportunities and his natural entrepreneurial focus drives him to capitalise on these opportunities.

Adam Stanborough

Founding Partner

Adam has 11 years of global property experience, being directly involved with the sales and development of over 650 residential and commercial units throughout his career. Adam has exceptional in-depth knowledge of both the International and UK Property markets which has led him to spearhead our sales operations around the globe.

Nick Carlile

Co Founder and Director

Nick is a Degree qualified Quantity Surveyor who has worked on residential construction projects since 1991. He has been purchasing property since the age of 19, having originally bought and sold a number of properties he then moved into development. This portfolio now comprises around £4 million worth of residential property.

Dan Bowden

Founding Partner

Dan graduated university with an RICS investment degree and went on to work for a top surveying firm in Central London, gaining first hand experience in investment management, acquisition & disposal, development appraisal, valuation and lease negotiation.

Why Property?

Property investment is one of the four most common types of investment alongside cash, bonds and shares. More and more people are looking into property investment as a secure means of investing large sums of money.

As the property market continues to grow, returns continue to rise. Property offers a long-term appreciating asset and can offer returns above and beyond 8% gross yields.

There are very few investment strategies which match this and it is now attracting local and international investors back to the UK buy-to-let market. Property provides a great alternative for investors to provide for or bolster their pension provisions.

At Shepherd Cox, we have developed a highly efficient operating model where we source, develop and oversee the management of all our investment projects. This enables us to keep a tight control on all aspects of each project. This is how we use property investment as an option for our clients who are looking to keep their life savings whilst still generating an income or interest for them.

Our clients are looking for financial freedom and we are committed to helping them achieve this by giving you the opportunity to join us in the acquisition and development of income generating assets.

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